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Prêmio Salão Design: The jury has decided

Award ceremony at the Movelsul Brasil furniture trade fair in March 2018

The Brazilian Prêmio Salão Design Contest is the largest contest in South America for trendsetting interior and furniture design. This year, the contest will give awards to the best creations by South American designers for the 22nd time. At the end of January, an expert jury of five judges selected the contest winners from a total of 58 finalists. The submissions included creations from Brazil, Argentina, Cuba and Uruguay. The suspense continues: The winners will not be named before mid-March – at the award ceremony at the 'Movelsul Brasil 2018' furniture trade fair in Bento Gonçalves. 


Renowned jury

The jury of the Prêmio Salão Design Contest consists of five renowned designers: Brunno Jahara, Bruno Faucz, Letícia Grisa, Nicole Tomazi (all from Brazil), Salvatore Figliuzzi from Interprint (Germany). All five stand for industrial or craft competence and sustainable work. Juliana Sabino from 'Forest Service' completes the jury this year for the selection of the Alternative Woods Award.


About the contest

The Prêmio Salão Design Contest has been promoted and organised by the Bento Gonçalves Furniture Industries Union (Sindmóveis) since 1988, this year with the support of Berneck and Interprint. Since its start, more than 12,000 designers – professional designers, design students and representatives of the industry – have participated in the contest.

The 22nd edition of the contest will give awards in three categories, i.e. Professional, Student and Industry/Retail. The three first-place winners will each be awarded different amounts of prize money. Regardless of the categories, three 'Super Awards' will honour the best product designs of the entire contest.

The main aim of the organisers is to inspire established designers, design students and manufacturing companies to produce innovative design – and thus stimulate the economic power of the furniture industry.

  • The jury of the Prêmio Salão Design Contest (from left to right): Brunno Jahara, Nicole Tomazi, Salvatore Figliuzzi, Letícia Grisa, Bruno Faucz, Juliana Sabino

About the jury

Brunno Jahara (Rio de Janeiro / Brazil) – Founder and owner of the 'Jahara Studio' design agency specialising in design and production of objects and furniture. His work focuses on sustainability and recycling of industrial material. Studied in Brazil and Venice.

Bruno Faucz (Santa Catarina / Brazil) – Degrees in furniture design and international design. Brazil-wide research on 'purchase decision'. Has had its own design studio specialising in three areas, market, industry and design, since 2013.

Letícia Grisa (Rio Grande do Sul / Brazil) – Product designer and expert for ergonomics. Today, managing partner of UNT Intelligence Design which specialises in 'Strategic Product Design'. Herself a winner of the Prêmio Salão Design Award.

Nicole Tomazi (Rio Grande do Sul / Brazil) – Designer specialising in geographic environment and culture. Since 2007, design and production of craft products under her own 'Offering Objects' brand and projects for national industries. International exhibitions and contests, for example at Salone Satellite and Fuori Salone, Milan.

Salvatore Figliuzzi (Arnsberg / Germany) – Marketing and Design Director of the Interprint Group, for which he has worked since 2006. 30 years of experience in the design of surfaces. For Figliuzzi, design and creativity always involve emotion and communication to get people enthusiastic about the ideas.