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Milestone for Interprint in Russia

Interprint is again expanding its business in Russia and has put a second printing machine into operation at its factory near Moscow. Numerous international guests celebrated the company’s largest foreign location investment to date during the inauguration ceremony.

With the acquisition of a printing machine, Interprint is continuing its consistent expansion in Russia. During the past few years, the company has invested about 50 million euros in its two factories – Egorievsk (Greater Moscow) and Samara – more than ever before in any foreign location. More than 150 customers, business partners and administrative representatives from Russia, Europe and the Middle East came to Egorievsk on 24 June to celebrate this investment.

“This is a further milestone in our company’s many years of presence in the Russian market,” emphasised Frank Schumacher, spokesman of the Interprint Group. The Arnsberg company established its first relations with Russian business partners in 1975. In 1990, at politically turbulent times, Interprint opened a sales office in Moscow. In 2008, the company put its factory in Egorievsk into operation. Due to the good capacity utilisation, Interprint RUS doubled its warehouse and logistics space last year and simultaneously invested in a second printing machine.

  • ​ Interprint also took over the Coveright factory in Samara at the end of 2010, adding decorative paper impregnation to its operation.

    In our company’s 130-year history, this has been our largest investment in a foreign location to date.

Thomas Wrede, managing partner of Wrede-Industrieholding, the parent company of the Interprint Group, showed pride in the company’s development in Russia: “In our company’s 130-year history, this has been our largest investment in a foreign location to date. It also shows the great confidence we have gained in the country and the market through our Russian partners over the last 36 years.” That view is also shared by Alexei Mezenev, Sales & Marketing Director of Interprint RUS, who thanked his business partners for the good cooperation over those many years: “All that develops here, is done not only for our customers but also with them. Only their trust made this successful development possible.”

The newly inaugurated Kochsiek printing machine is equipped with five printing units and has a maximum printing width of 2.20 metres. Interprint RUS now has two state-of-the-art production machines, allowing the company to respond to increased demand. Furthermore, a third impregnation channel is currently being installed at Interprint’s factory in Samara.

More than 150 employees currently work at the Russian Interprint locations in Egorievsk und Samara. Production volume and sales have doubled since the start of production at Interprint RUS in 2008. Due to the acquisition of the factory in Samara, the company is now one of the leading manufacturers of melamine film for the Russian market and thus offers Russian customers decorative paper and impregnation from a single source.