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​Interprint launches first decor collection that isn’t really one at all...

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Hello World!


The worldwide first industrial digital printer for the printing on décor paper ...

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A New View of Things


„Points of View“ hieß es auf den „Interprint Möbeltagen 2013“. Der Workshop eröffnete seinen Teilnehmern viele Perspektiven.

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Contrasting Impressions in Brazil


The first ‘Interprint Furniture Days’ in Brazil inspired visitors from the Latin-American furniture industry. The ‘Living in Contrasts’ motto opened up completely new perspectives.

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Russian Consul-General Visits Interprint


The Consul-General of the Russian Federation, Jewgenij Schmagin, based in Bonn, has now visited Arnsberg for the first time. He signed Arnsberg’s Visitors Book in Interprint’s Design Centre and informed himself about the activities of the international group of companies in Russia. 

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Interprint Wins Award in Warsaw


Interprint wins the ‘Diament Meblarstwa’ (Diamond of the Furniture Industry) Award – an award for the trendsetting corporate activities of the international décor printer 

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Positive Response in an Expanding Market


Interprint offered inspiration and orientation for successful furniture design under its ‘Combinations’ motto at the ZOW 2011 – good talks against the backdrop of a growing market highlighted Interprint’s trade fair presence in Turkey

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Milestone for Interprint in Russia


Interprint is again expanding its business in Russia and has put a second printing machine into operation at its factory near Moscow. Numerous international guests celebrated the company’s largest foreign location investment to date during the inauguration ceremony.

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Young, Modular, Original: Furniture Visions


Picture turns into a bench: In the ‘Open-Minded’ Design Competition, students presented creative and innovative ideas using the laminate material. The ten best designs for modular furniture with replaceable surfaces could be seen for the first time at the Interprint Werkschau at the Design Post in Cologne.

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Combinations: The Interprint Werkschau 2011


Interprint@Design Post 2.0: Interprint will again present itself at Cologne’s top address for Interior Design during the interzum trade fair this year. New wood décors, single-colour metallic décors and haptic effects – the ingredients for successful furniture design – will be shown, excellently combined, by Interprint.

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Interprint GmbH expands Board of Directors


Decor printer Interprint GmbH, Arnsberg / Germany, expands its Board of Directors. From March 21, 2011 Frank Schumacher and Holger Dzeia will be joined by Robert Bierfreund as new Managing Director Operations of Interprint GmbH.  

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Interprint Receives Design Award in Warsaw


The Interprint ‘Digital Wood’ décor was awarded the ‘Diament Meblarstwa’ (Diamond of the Furniture Industry) award – the first prize in the ‘Materials for Surface Finishing’ category

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