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Furniture Trends at the ISMOB

13th Istanbul Furniture Trade Fair Focuses on International Markets

The international furniture industry traditionally has a busy schedule at the beginning of a year. ISMOB started the annual furniture trade show series this year: Turkey's largest international furniture trade fair presented the latest trends and styles from 10 to 15 January. Maurizio Burrato from the Interprint Design Team travelled to the Bosporus for us to have a look around the ISMOB trade fair.


Restraint and Optimism

Although the atmosphere at the trade fair was rather restrained, there were grounds for optimism: The exhibitors demonstrated their confidence in the potential of international markets with design-oriented, creative solutions. Major customers of the Turkish furniture industry primarily come from the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, and the Balkan countries.


Retro Design and Nordic Style

Global interior design trends with a regional touch – that is how the ISMOB trade fair presented itself with a view to their target markets. Two trends predominantly characterised the Istanbul Furniture Show: Firstly, the retro design of the 1950's and 1960's. It is the expression of an ardent desire for the good old times in an era of change. Secondly, the Scandinavian or Nordic style with its unobtrusive colours and materials. Casual naturalness in an often restless reality.

The large number of graphic patterns on furniture fronts is conspicuous: Lines, dots and geometric shapes. Modernly interpreted Arabesque elements represent the orientation towards the Arab world.


Wood and Stones

Walnut and oak are at the top of the popularity scale as far as wood is concerned. Interprint has successful players in the market with the "Rumford" (walnut), "Eureka" and "Nash Oak" (oak) and "Iconic" (beech) décors. These wood types brighten up your home with their fairly warm light to medium colours. Popular combinations for wood and single colours: Stone, for example, marble that increasingly comes into play on furniture fronts.


Base and Accent Colours

The base colours are restrained and unobtrusive: Grey, beige and brown prevail. Upholstery and accessories ensure colour accentuations, for example, in vivid blue and green or in natural yellow and terracotta. What is striking is that in contrast to the previous year, white has almost entirely disappeared as single colour. Black as an alternative to white was not prominent either.


Figures and Outlook

Last year, about 220 exhibitors and about 130,000 visitors from more than 100 countries visited the Istanbul furniture event. The figures will probably be lower this year because of the adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, ISMOB also had to compete with IMOB, a furniture show scheduled in the Turkish metropolis for the end of January. Both events want to join forces again as of 2018 so that they can address their target groups more efficiently in future.