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Las Vegas calling

The International Surface Event 2016 presents US flooring trends

​World-famous for its casinos and shows, once a year Las Vegas becomes the venue for the leading event in the North American flooring industry. At "The International Surface Event" (TISE), known to many as "Surfaces" and held from 18 to 20 January 2016, around 700 exhibitors presented the most up-to-date flooring trends. Peter Garlington, Design Director at Interprint USA, was at the trade show to look around for innovations and design stories.​​

"Natural" is the new "rustic"

Nature is setting the tone. What applies to solid wood also continues into flooring design. Memorable wood grains, climatic influences and other signs of ageing give the wood its natural character. Authenticity with patina is in stark contrast to man-made surface treatments. And everything is done with plenty of feeling for creating a natural look. Staying on trend: plenty of character for woods with a vintage design and pieces that have been "found". The sensitive finishing of these surfaces produces colours and structures with great depth. In living spaces, the life histories of the floors coexist with those of the people.


Haptics and finish

When searching for the perfect flooring look, haptics and the processing of surfaces couldn't play a more important role… brushed or sand-blasted please! Know-how: finishing techniques are moving away from martial style trends and towards a feeling for visual subtleties, such as increased porosity. Even traces of processing using a saw blade are diminished by brush effects. A longing for smoothness in these crude times?


All shades of grey

A megatrend at TISE: grey is a huge success. For a long time now, the passion for neutral colours has been strong in the US market. The shooting stars are clearly the grey tones. Multi-layered grey tones conjure up associations, from weather-tested driftwood to charcoal and variations in walnut brown.


To conclude with an interesting observation: when looking for innovative design, it is obvious that the tile industry is also turning towards the "natural" trend. Structures and pictures of solid wood are making their way into the world of ceramics. Tiles are inspired by wood.