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imm and Heimtextil Trade Fairs Confirmed Interprint's Trend Decors

Decor collection presented at the HUB Festival conforms to the zeitgeist

Interprint proved its reliable feel for interior design trends and zeitgeist with its decor selection presented at the HUB Festival in November 2018. The designs selected for the event were greatly appealing to the HUB visitors. The trend statements of the large flagship trade fairs for interior design, imm cologne and Heimtextil, now confirm that Interprint is on the right track with its decor recommendations.


Trends at imm cologne

Plenty of insights into trends and innovations of the international interior design world were given by imm cologne, which was co-located with the LivingKitchen trade fair this year. Wood continues to be an important design element in the furniture sector – and those who favour wood must also favour oak. The oak trend is unbroken. The must-have wood fulfils the need for natural cosiness.


Oak Trend: Interprint's Artisan Decor  

Framework timber: The objective of the finishing process was to retain the old-timber character of this oak. The craftsmanship shown by the decor contrasts with the cool industrial look. Originally an insider's tip, now well on the way to being a bestseller.


Material mix is an increasing trend, completely in line with the motto: Combine whatever you like. The warmth of wood contrasts nicely with glass, stone, ceramic, fabric or metal, for example in the popular industrial style. 'Materiality' is very trendy because in times of digitalisation, we like to surround ourselves with traditional craftsmanship that can be 'touched'. In the kitchen segment, a trend from Milan continues: dark, cool surfaces dominate the look.


Material mix | Stone | Industrial: Interprint's Aris decor

Beauty of imperfection: Stone with a concrete character, in which 'cracks' are joined to create the Kinsugi look. The precious-looking colours of the veins contrast with the coolness of the surface. A homage to wabi-sabi.


Materiality | Stone: Interprint's Ibla decor 

Tufa with a cosmic look. Volcanic gas inclusions give the surface its porous texture. Is a complete eye-catcher as worktop or furniture front.


Materiality | Material mix | Metal | Industrial | Kitchen: Interprint's Titan One decor

A fine metal decor of very high quality. Titanium with its warm grey shade that is so typical of the material. The surface looks as if it had been finely sanded. The industrial style of the design is particularly striking in combination with wood, stone or glass. A trendsetter of metallic materiality that stands for 'new durability'.


The current colours show unobtrusiveness. Predominant are mustard, curry, yellow, coral red and terracotta. The Living Styles include the well-known Midcentury, Boho & Ethno, Industrial and Scandinavian/Nordic styles, in all their variations. New is the Memphis Style that conveys the joy of life.


Scandinavian: Interprint's Calvin decor

A naturally grown wood with a mild texture. The soft finish with white oil emphasises the pore texture and narrow flowers. A decor look with reduced elegance that is so characteristic of the Nordic style.


Trends at Heimtextil

The interior design trade fair year started in Frankfurt at the beginning of January: About 70,000 visitors found their way to the Heimtextil trade fair. An endless variety of fabrics, materials and finishes could be discovered. Whether it be soft, twisted, twined, quilted, punched, embossed, gathered or woven – there are no limits to the world of fabrics. Besides silk and fur, velvet, marble, terrazzo, gold, brass and glass are predominant materials. A look into the future shows iridescent fabrics, acryl, neon and combinations of natural and high-tech materials. Minimalism and naturalness of colour and material are embodied by the 'New Neutrals'. In a complicated world, people are seeking warmth and security at home – comfort, cocooning and well-being are the respective trend topics.


Minimalism | Naturalness | New Neutrals:  Interprint's Ribble decor 

The naturalness of linen. Minimalist colour nuances. A reduced fabric decor that suits the urban lifestyle just as much as a life in the countryside.


Subdued colours ranging from burgundy and ochre to dark blue and metallic gold and brass can also be found at Heimtextil. Inspired by nature, soft green and sand colours are shown. The Memphis style with its funky, hipster world of colours ranging from neon to ethnic colours cannot be overlooked.  And finally, another trend: Luxury combined with solid craftsmanship – creative surface design produces a new overall look.


Craftsmanship: Interprint's Fedara decor  

Filigree like feathers: The walnut was sanded in a diagonally tapering way. Transparent oil emphasises the sanding traces. Creative craftsmanship at its best.


Interprint Outlook

The trend statements at imm cologne and Heimtextil give Interprint a new tailwind for 2019. With the decor selection already started successfully at the HUB Festival, Interprint managed to cover the range of future trends.

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