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imm cologne: There is no place like home

Cosiness and individuality as countertrends to digitalisation

At the start of the furniture year 2018, 125,000 visitors obtained an overview of new products of the furniture industry at imm cologne in mid-January. The trade fair was very international. About half the visitors came from abroad. The international percentage of the 1,272 exhibitors who showed current home trends at  imm cologne was more than 70 per cent. The Interprint Design Team has filtered out the most important topics and trends.


Home Megatrends

Home needs are marked by different lifestyles. Those who monitor the current megatrends can give guidance in the diversity of choice – as Interprint does with its current décor collection, the 'Six Pack 2018'. The imm cologne trade fair sees current home trends as being inspired by five megatrends:

Individualisation: Online worlds open up an infinite product variety. Individual advice is a must – today preferably by means of virtual reality.

Digitalisation: A smart home is one side of the coin, the other side of the coin is the return to tradition. Boho is the new ethnic style, the mid-century style is the new vintage. The 'perfect' home is a place of retreat in the digital world. Light becomes a design element. Minimalism goes hand in hand with cosiness. Furniture with organic shape language, authentic materials and warm colours convey cosiness – the popularity of the Scandinavian style remains unbroken.

// Interprint 'Six Pack 2018': Hansen – a blonde Nordic wood reduced to the essentials.

// Delios – a smoked, cracked, alpine larch wood.

Globalisation: Designing your home means designing your identity. Homes become private protection zones in the vastness of an often harsh world.

Urbanisation: Housing shortage in big cities pushes creativity. Downsizing with filigree design and convertible furniture for co-living and co-working environments.

Neo-Ecology: Organic design, natural fibres and ecological, recyclable materials such as linoleum stand for sustainability. Plants bring nature into your home. Green continues to be a trendy colour.


Naturally wood

There is no alternative to wood when it comes to naturalness. Well ahead: Oak in many varieties, for example, varnished or bleached or treated with white or black oil. Knots are relatively rare; an authentic look is paramount. Wide and narrow planks produce a lively picture. 

// Interprint 'Six Pack 2018': Artisan Oak – authentic oak with a warm old wood character.

Walnut in different looks – partly with sapwood – is also very popular. And again the combination of narrow and wide planks. Coniferous wood is an exception.

// Interprint 'Six Pack 2018': Garbo – a timeless walnut interpretation of a fruitwood.

Available alternatives are OSBs, wood-wool building boards and Aleppo pine, natural finish or coloured.


Home materials

Traditional or modern: The material range is wide. Typical representatives of cosy haptics are velvet and wool. Coloured glass, wired glass and metal – for example brass or black steel – go with both modern and classic design. Copper is on the retreat. Stone, steel and ceramics – the latter often as surface of tables or boards – provide an urban look. Concrete seems to have reached its zenith.

// Interprint 'Six Pack 2018': Grid – A material mix with the look of concrete and stone.

// Aurora – A cold-rolled steel plate with metallic effects.


Cosy worlds of colour

Cosier with the new colours. Earthy terracotta colours stand for living in close touch with nature. The same applies to the new olive green that is quite unobtrusive with its grey touch. Blue colours range from light blue to turquoise and petrol – all hues with a calming effect. Very popular is a subdued powdery pink, often as a velvet fabric for sofas and armchairs. The colour range for home interior is complemented by black and grey.


The future will show which of these trends will come out on top. Answers will be given no later than at the next imm cologne trade fair, which will then be co-located with LivingKitchen, in January 2019.