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Milan - the design capital

56th Salone del Mobile with the motto "contemporary elegance"

In the spring, the international furniture sector meets in the Italian design metropolis of Milan: More than 340,000 trade fair guests from 165 countries visited this year's Salone del Mobile from 4 - 9 April 2017. Over 2000 exhibitors, 34% of them from abroad, presented their products and services at the Rho exhibition centre. A special highlight: The up-and-coming talent show SaloneSatellite celebrated its 20th anniversary – with presentations by 650 young designers and 16 international design schools. The numerous "Fuorisalone" events and exhibitions in the city centre have also made Milan the perceived capital of the global design scene. Also taking part in Italy, of course, to seek out the latest trends and styles: the Interprint Design Team.


Metal and concrete

The times when metal surfaces were displayed in rough, coarse, often rusty charm are gone. This has been replaced by a new softness and gentleness: Soft brushing techniques take away the severity and compactness from the material. Metal transformed by oxidation is given new value. Concrete is also a part of this "evolution of elegance". It is undergoing a transformation from cold rawness to soft materiality.


Timber evergreens

With regard to wood, there are two main lasting trends: walnut and oak. Walnut has become an indispensable element of exclusive furniture design. Through being interpreted in modern, more neutral shades, it could now experience a kind of "second spring". If walnut is an evergreen, then oak is even more so. The design possibilities are limitless. The spectrum ranges from a natural-light colour to "fossil", dark-warm shades.


Young design

The SaloneSatellite show celebrated the 20th year of its existence with a special collection from well-known international designers. They all have the SaloneSatellite to thank for the start of their careers, a show that has dedicated itself to promoting and supporting young, trend-setting designs. Also on view: inspiring projects from up-and-coming young designers on this year's topic "DESIGN is...?". An eternally open question no doubt!


In the name of materiality

Nor did the 56th Salone del Mobile provide any preconceived answers in overall terms to the question of THE trend of the year. There is no specific colour, no style or design direction that sets the tone. A central element in digital times when people long for "materiality": strong materiality and feel. The blend of different materials resists uniformity - in addition to wood, stone, concrete, metal and textiles in different combinations are in high demand. What is striking with the plain colours: White, trendy for so long, hardly plays a role any more.


Salone del Mobile trade fair conclusion for Interprint: The international furniture show in Milan is a clear confirmation of the route taken. With the current woods, surfaces and the "naturalness" and "materiality" trends, the company is placing emphasis on trend-setting features in contemporary decor design.