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How are décors printed?


Interprint uses two printing technologies:


Gravure printing

The décor is printed using the rotogravure method. The engraved rotogravure printing cylinders apply light-fast, water-soluble printing inks to the décor paper that is to be printed. Excess ink is remove with a doctor blade. The printing ink is therefore located only in the depressions (the so-called cells) of the printing cylinders. A high contact pressure and high adhesive forces cause the ink to be transferred onto the paper.

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Digital printing

In 2015, Interprint began operating the first industrial digital-printing system in the world for printing timber, stone and creative décors on décor paper. The production location is Arnsberg – where the international décor printer has its headquarters. Interprint sees the new system as an important addition to classic gravure printing. This technology can be used for economical manufacturing – even in smaller quantities – of newly developed décors. Secondly, it is intended to be used for printing small batches of individual décors.

We have already been offering our customers a digital décor sample production service in gravure quality for a number of years.