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The way to an authentic look. That is how Interprint’s décors are created.


Décor Development / Repro

Creative Know-how
  • Repro craftmanship
  • Repro department

At the beginning, real materials are still the source of inspiration. Wood or stones and creative artwork are digitalised here.

The repro staff produce a layout on special workstations, arrange true to detail, retouch, space evenly, finish and separate into the different colours.

The layout is processed until it is ready for engraving and then engraved as a data set on printing cylinders.



We do the engraving ourselves.
  • Engraved cylinders

The cylinders can be engraved for rotogravure printing after the repro department has finalised the décor data. Interprint does that in-house because we have our own cylinder engraving department – for both conventional, electromechanical engraving and laser engraving.
Why do we do it ourselves? Because it allows us to implement décors much faster and avoids long shipping times from and to third-party engraving partners. And we are simply more flexible.


Décor Sampling

It's your choice ...

After engraving, you can sample your décor at our laboratory. Rely on the skill and the experience of our printing staff and let your wishes be fulfilled, regardless of whether it is about a mother-of-pearl effect, special inks or running metres. Talk to us – we will implement anything you want.

Quick, high-quality and sustainable. We have developed a digital printing method that allows a seamless connection to intaglio décor printing. You can individually choose the colour of your décor at our site – directly on the monitor if you wish. The digital sampling allows us to develop many different colourings within the shortest time.

Another advantage of the digital solution: The lesser amount of used paper and ink protects the environment.



Technology and Sensitivity
  • Printing machine
  • Printing machine

A décor design is always only as good as the technology and the people behind it. With much sensitivity for a high-quality printing result, we work on rotogravure presses and produce décor papers and finish foils. 

At our headquarters in Arnsberg, we operate the worldwide first digital printing system for décor papers. For us and many of our customers, this system is an important supplementation to the classic rotogravure printing. This technology allows us to also produce newly developed décors in small quantities cost-effectively for you. 

Melamine films come from our locations in Eastern Europe and South America. We would be pleased to inform you further about our products. Directly here.