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It doesn´t take long to take, upload and like a selfie. Likewise it doesn´t take long until the moment is over and wiped away in a few seconds, and forgotten. Social media are full of superficial stimuli. At the same time, however, looking at Instagram and Pinterest, we can identify a different type of development: a return to old values such as handicraft and authenticity. With the "Back to the Roots" decors, Interprint rewinds back to old times, but free of any retro kitsch. 

Digital applications or online solutions simplify different parts of our lives. Photos taken with the smartphone make everyone a hobby photographer. Streaming services like Spotify or Netflix entertain us around the clock. At the same time, however, more and more people long for the old-school experience - and are on the search for traditional alternatives to compensate this. Vinyl records are booming again, Polaroids are celebrating a real revival. The crackling sound of vinyl or the shaking of photos is simply more sensual than a digital JPG or an MP3. 

Appreciating old craftsmanship 

Whether raised garden beds for self-sufficiency, urban gardening, shopping at the market stall and buying from the regional organic farmer or baking your own bread. Whether it's discovering special things at the flea market or heirlooms that tell the stories of generations that have long since faded. It is the things created with one's own hands that gain a new type of appreciation. They are authentic, honest and real. And they allow us to set distance ourselves from the digital world. 

Living becomes a matter of relationship 

At the same time, when it comes to their home, more and more people are increasingly valuing, being surrounded by things which represent something special. Things that brings back memories, and which enable a relationship on a personal level. Interprint  "Back to the Roots" decors carefully bring the past into the present. Less processed materials, different, rough textures bring life and value into your own four walls - intense and personal. 

Back to ... - the concept with a past for today   

"Back to the Roots" is one of several trend themes with which Interprint is orienting itself even more strongly to the changing needs of customers. Creative solutions that transport old values into the modern age. Also worth taking a look at are "Back to Nature" or "Back to the Essentials", which consistently continue rethinking in the furnishing sector.