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Do we need that? Can we get rid of it? At least since the point when Marie Kondo showed people all over the world how to tidy up, a new minimalism in the home has become the order of the day. Interprint "Back to the Essentials" decors help to bring peace, order and relaxation into the different rooms. They enable a living environment in which we can find our way back to ourselves - recharge our batteries and feel at home. 

Everyday working life is hectic. Private life is characterised by the compulsion for self-optimisation. One appointment after the other. Not a trace of peace and quiet in sight. No wonder that many people are getting involved in the trend of deceleration. Books and seminars on mindfulness are sprouting out like mushrooms. They give us tips on how to focus on the essentials - and thus give more meaning to important moments. There is power in calmness. 

Open for reduction 

At work, we are looking for the right work-life balance with flexible working hours. The private sphere is becoming more important. And with it comes a sensitisation for what really counts. A healthy diet. Slow food. A structure in one´s everyday life. Purism. The affluent society has cluttered our rooms with things we don't need. That's why you can find more and more pictures and tips for a minimalistic style of living and more simplicity in life on social media. They show: We want to have our lives under control - and not just pretend that everything is perfect. 

Switch off in peace and quiet 

Less is more. That is the motto. When it comes to furnishing: quality beats quantity. This brings tidiness and order. We only feel good in a tidy environment. We experience relaxation and calm down. We can enjoy with all our senses. Those things which are essential to us, thus gain meaning. Home becomes a place of refuge with an ambience which has a calming effect. "Back to the Essentials" decors from Interprint, also contribute to achieving this. They give the home structure, tranquillity and convey the sense of security that we all long for. 

 Back to ... – a modern decor concept for a modern age   

 "Back to the Essentials" is one of the current trend themes with which Interprint is breaking new ground - and approaching customers wishes, less fashionably and more philosophically. The main focus is on mental well-being. Similarly, "Back to Nature" or "Back to the Roots" decor designs are oriented towards new thoughts and trends in our society. For living and life with meaning and significance.