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Touchscreens, mobile phone displays, virtual reality, online shopping - as our everyday lives become more and more digital, a counter-current is emerging: back to nature. A reflection on the real and authentic that surrounds us. "Back to Nature" decors by Interprint give contribute to this trend with a look for your own home. Strong in character, personal and natural. 

A turn to the natural, real world already took it´s turn at the beginning of the millennium.   More and more people regularly spend more and more time out in the nature. Hiking, trekking and geo-caching are more popular than ever. Just like camping or yoga outdoors. Many inhabitants of urban worlds are out exploring the mountains, forests and river meadows for themselves and enjoying the break from their usual everyday lives. 

Wabi-Sabi as a philosophy 

Out in the nature, often untouched, everyone can find something that offers an antithesis to the perfect: recognition that our world is impermanent, fragile, almost fragile. Often also raw and rough. The Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic gives a name to this and describes the ancient concept of the perception of beauty. For beauty is not created in the flawless, but rather in imperfection. Rocks overgrown with moss. Overgrown trees that do not conform to any ideal. Asymmetrical structures.  

More naturalness at home 

The new world view is also reflected in home furnishings. People would like to experience that what fascinates outside, in their own rooms. With "Back to Nature", Interprint picks up on the trend and translates it into natural decors that stand out from the slick look of digital apps and website: Ideal for living solutions that should radiate personality and character. Solutions with which, when one spends time at home, one also has the feeling that the world has more to offer than bits and bytes. Authenticity. Naturalness. Beauty. 

Back to ... - A concept with different characteristics  

"Back to Nature" is only one of several trend themes with which Interprint picks up on the wishes, desires and needs of customers, and by doing so, conveys both new and old values. With "Back to the Roots" or "Back to the Essentials", further creative solutions offer a new view on furnishing styles and the way of life. The beginning of a new way of thinking and an important step towards a new understanding of interior design.