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Video Call

Five tips to look good on Video Calls

​We’re using video calls more and more as a way to meet people from work – especially when working from home. We’ve collected five tips for you which will set you up for your next video call or digital get-together.

  • Test your sound & image quality to see if everything is working properly. We recommend headphones with an integrated microphone to improve your sound.

  • You should never underestimate the power of lighting and your surroundings. Always sit in front of the light source and in an appropriate room without any unnecessary noises bothering you or anybody else.

  • Have you ever experienced a situation where your family members disturb your video call by accident? Or your video partner starts sneezing? Just mute your microphone when you’re not talking.

  • Make sure that the meeting is efficient and that your video partner has your full attention. Prepare yourself and stay focused on your virtual meeting.

  • If you share your desktop, make sure to tidy it up before everyone can see it. It can be rather unprofessional if there are too many (private) things that are visible on your desktop.