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Home Office

5 tips for more efficiency

Processes are structured in the office – fixed working hours, meetings & exchange with colleagues, project deadlines. But what if the office community is missing and you work from home? In the home office you may have distraction. The following tips help to motivate yourself so that you can work efficiently outside of the office:


  • Fixed processes help to be more productive. Set the alarm clock at the same time each morning, eat your breakfast, and then get to work. Take a break for an hour at noon, get or cook something delicious to eat and take a breath of fresh air – afterwards your head is free again for lots of ideas.

  • It is very tempting to sit down at your desk in your pyjamas or simply take your laptop with you to bed. But this won´t make you feel motivated. You’d better take a shower in the morning, get dressed as usual, and maybe put on some makeup – just as if you were going to the office.

  • Just like the bed, the kitchen table or the couch are unsuitable as workplaces because you tend to be distracted in these places. A separate desk creates a clear separation between job and leisure. Find a quiet, bright place where you like to be. Hang up some nice pictures, put a flower on the table – a beautiful workplace will push motivation.

  • Create a to-do list on a weekly or long-term basis. You will know in the morning what is going to happen during the day and you will feel more focused. There are digital tools like Trello or Microsoft ToDo to support you – but it will work with the good old pen and paper as well. The benefit: The strikethrough motivates and ensures a moment of happiness!

  • The home office can be a lonely affair – but it doesn't have to be. Use digital tools like SLACK or Microsoft Teams to chat and stay in touch with your colleagues. Essential information will exchanged quicker and in times of social distancing it is so important to stay in contact with other people.