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Interprint goes down in history

Who we are, from where we come and what is going on in the world.

  • 2022

    Flying high!

    ​In Milwaukee, a skyscraper has been certified as the world' highest wooden building. It has 25 floors and a total height of almost 87 metres. 

    Interprint is also setting new standards. With the takeover of Decotec, Interprint expands its worldwide market presence with the ninth production location, IP Decor Spain.

  • 2020

    Digital World

    The Covid 19 pandemic is also permanently changing the world of work. The boundaries between work and living are blurred: People meet online via video chat from the homeoffice.

    Interprint is also strike new paths. With our own Pop Up Studio we show new digital perspectives and meet online with customers and colleagues from all over the world.

  • 2019


    Millions of people demonstrate for the future of the world's climate. A worldwide movement starts with #FridaysForFuture.

    Interprint becomes part of the Japanese Toppan Group. With a new sharehoulder, we shape the future of interior design and work together on new ideas and products.

  • 2018

    Interior Missions

    NASA is launching its InSight Interior Exploration Mission to Mars. In November, the probe will land on the surface of Mars to investigate the earliest development processes that formed the planet.

    In the same month, Interprint is organising the first HUB Interior Festival, at which various players will provide inspiration for the design of the home of the future.​

  • 2016


    Tesla, the US manufacturer of electric cars, unveiled its new 'Model 3' and received more than 276,000 online reservations within three days although delivery of the cars was not expected to start before 2017.

    Interprint's Furniture Days took place for the last time after ten successful years. Creative minds will develop a new concept for 2018.

  • 2015

    New Horizons

    A fascination with outer space. The NASA probe, 'New Horizons', is passing the dwarf planet Pluto. 

    Interprint starts the production ​at its new location in Curitiba, Brazil and enters new worlds in decor printing with the first industrial digital printing machine worldwide.

  • 2014


    The world marvels at the German team's amazing football skills as Germany wins the World Cup in Brazil.

    Interprint expands its international team by building a new production plant in Curitiba, Brazil, and a sales office in Pretoria, South Africa.

  • 2013


    For the first time in nearly 800 years, there are two living popes: Pope Benedict XVI resigns and is succeeded by Pope Francis.

    The Interprint decor book Living in Contrasts receives no less than three awards: the Red Dot Award: Communication Design, the renowned Innovation Award of the German Printing Industry and the 2014 iF design award for Communication.

  • 2011


    Prince William and Kate Middleton get married at Westminster Abbey, a ceremony that was broadcast worldwide by the media.  

    Interprint implements 'Digital Sample Production' worldwide and opens a sales office in Brazil.

  • 2010


    The increased activity of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull paralyses air traffic in northern and central Europe for weeks.

    Interprint becomes active in Spain and Turkey, with new sales offices opening in Madrid and Istanbul respectively.

    Interprint acquires all shares in OOO Coveright RUS in Samara/Russia. The new location for the production of melamine films will in future do business under the name 'OOO Interprint Samara'.

  • 2009

    At the top

    The Burj Khalifa in Dubai reaches its definitive height of 828 metres and becomes the world's tallest skyscraper at this time.

    Interprint presents its decors at Design Post in Cologne during the interzum fair for the first time – and reaps top praise from the visitors.

  • 2008


    The global financial crisis reaches its first critical peak with the bankruptcy of the US financial services company Lehman Brothers.

    In the midst of this global crisis, Interprint invests in a new production plant in Yegoryevsk, Russia.

  • 2007


    Apple invents the iPhone and the age of the smartphone begins.

    The Interprint Furniture Days are held for the first time this year. This annual workshop for decision makers from the international furniture industry has since become Interprint's main event.

  • 2006

    Time to celebrate

    The world celebrates the 250th anniversary of the birth of the composer Mozart.

    Interprint celebrates the opening of its engraving and design centre in Arnsberg, Germany, and a new production plant in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA.

  • 2003

    An end and a beginning

    It's the end of an era: the very last VW Beetle – at that time the top seller around the world in the history of cars – rolls off the production line in Mexico.

    Meanwhile, it's the beginning of an era for Interprint as it opens a production plant in Changzhou, China.

  • 2001

    Going east

    The People's Republic of China joins the World Trade Organization (WTO).

    That same year, Interprint opens a sales office in Shanghai, China.

  • 1998


    In its vibrant shade of Bondi blue, the Apple iMac adds a splash of creative colour to dreary desks around the world.

    Interprint sets new standards in the eastern European markets thanks to its new production plant in Poland.

  • 1997

    Going places

    The Pathfinder probe navigates its way through space and lands on Mars.

    Interprint navigates its way over the Alps to Italy, where it opens its sales office Interprint Italia S.r.l.

  • 1995

    New territory

    The artist couple Christo and Jeanne-Claude really know how to push back frontiers: they wrap Germany's Reichstag. Interprint goes beyond its continental frontiers for the second time, opening a new production plant in Malaysia to cater for the Asian region.

  • 1994

    Success stories

    Forrest Gump is the biggest film of the year and wins six Oscars.

    Meanwhile, Interprint develops a new decor and calls it 'Wild Pear'. It proves to be one of Interprint's most successful decors for the next two decades.

  • 1990


    Germany is reunified and the Iron Curtain in eastern Europe falls.

    Before the year is out, Interprint has opened a sales office in Moscow, Russia.

  • 1983

    Number one

    Michael Jackson's Thriller is number one in the US charts for 37 weeks.

    Interprint establishes its first subsidiary in the USA. Interprint, Inc. is now the number one for decor printing in North America.

  • 1971


    Greenpeace is founded and, in the years that follow, draws people's attention to the issue of environmental protection with some spectacular campaigns.

    Interprint first attracts attention at Interzum and goes on to make itself the talk of the town again and again with its surprising trade fair appearances.

  • 1969


    The first man lands on the moon and the enterprise of space exploration moves into a new dimension.

    Meanwhile back on earth, the entrepreneur Paul Wrede is exploring a new dimension in the wood materials market: surfaces. He founds the decor printing company Interprint.