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Special Moments and People

Most important is a good co-operation and that our customers are satisfied. Getting an award makes our team spirit perfect.

  • Red Dot Award 2017

    ​Interprint's 'transform' décor and trend book receives the Red Dot Award 2017 in the 'Communication Design' discipline for its high-quality design and its creative content.

  • German Brand Award 2016

    ​Interprint's 'Into Spaces' Marketing and Space Concept receives the German Brand Award 2016 in the 'Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation' category.

  • DDC Award 2016

    ​In 2016 Interprint receives for its „Into Spaces" concept the Bronze Award in the category „Brand Communication" of the DDC - Deutscher Designer Club (German Designers Club).

  • Red Dot Award 2015

    ​Interprint received the coveted 'Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2015' for its holistic 'Into Spaces' communication concept.

  • ADC Award
    ADC Awards 2015

    Two awards for the ‘Into Spaces’ event concept of the 'Interprint Furniture Days' in ‘Corporate Event’ and ‘Communication in Space’ categories.

  • iF Design Award 2015

    ​The ‘Points of View’ communication concept by Interprint won the prestigious iF Design Award 2015 in the ‘Brand Identity’ category.

  • Third Award for Interprint’s Décor Book

    After the sought-after 'Red Dot Award: Communication Design' and the renowned 'Innovation Prize of the German Printing Industry' in 2013, Interprint’s ‘Living in Contrasts’ Décor Book has also received the ‘iF Communication Design Award 2014’.

About the people at Interprint

About employees, teams and what we are experiencing worldwide

​Co-Creation at Interprint

Co-everything: Feeling the pulse of the times, taking new views and understanding customer wishes as a team and in co-operation with creative partners. The current Co-Working Trend has inspired us to co-operate with renowned designers from the European furniture industry: Jochen Flacke, Thorsten Keissner and Peter Kern from Germany, Atilla Kuzu from Turkey and Luca Tormena from Italy.


In May 2017, we presented the jointly developed décors for the first time to the general public at Design Post Cologne.  The Co-Creation Talk offered opportunities for discussing the changing role of designers. In a talk with Salvatore Figliuzzi and Maurizio Burrato, the design experts gave insights into the current Interior Design Trends and talked about their experience from the Co-Creation Process with Interprint.   


A video with impressions on this talk: here


We regard Co-Creation as being a clear statement for a new kind of co-operation: Everyone gives, everyone receives, so everybody benefits.


Photo (from left to right): Atilla Kuzu, Maurizio Burrato (IP), Salvatore Figliuzzi (IP), Jochen Flacke, Luca Tormena, Thorsten Keissner, Peter Kern