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Sustainability is much talked about. We live sustainability. Environmental awareness and action are part of our everyday work.


Raw Materials

Producing with a good conscience

It goes without saying that we need ink and paper but only as much as absolutely necessary. The décor printing inks we use are water-based, organic and of course free of heavy metals and solvents. Our decorative paper is FSC®–certified, which means that the wood from which the paper is made originates exclusively from sustainable forestry.

Our FSC® certificates can be found in the Download Center​.



Use and Disposal

Water is a precious resource. We are extremely sparing in our use of fresh water. We clean our wastewater in our own two sewage treatment plants. The water is controlled permanently. To check our standards, we have the quality of our treated wastewater continuously checked and certified by third parties to be on the safe side.


Energy Policy

Improve the Performance
  • Our Energy Policy

The sparing use of energy is one of our primary objectives. Interprint strives to limit the use of energy to the necessary and economically sensible level. We have therefore decided to implement a DIN ISO 50001 Energy Management System. The objective is to continuously improve the energy performance. The action principles and the overall objective of Interprint's Energy Policy is documented in our Energy Management Manual. New investments are always made in consideration of the impact on our energy use. We would be pleased to discuss further details with you in a personal talk or send you the Manual if you wish.


Environmental Management

Is a matter of course
  • Environmental Management

We think in terms of life cycles. Our requirements for storage, processing, handling and disposal of substances are extremely demanding. We always sort our waste. Decorative paper, packaging material, film and metal are lead back to the cycle of materials. Chipboards, scrap wood and residual waste are thermally recycled. We have sewage sludge from galvanization and other waste substances disposed of by a specialist company.

  • Dr. Robert David
  • Head of Environment, Incident & Energy
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