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Nate Keay

Designer at Interprint USA

​Nate learned how to work with wood when he was a child because his father was a carpenter. It is therefore not surprising that he decided to pursue a Master's degree in arts with a focus on sculpture at Boston University. He discovered his passion for the design process during these studies.

  • ​"As a designer at Interprint, I am in close contact with the customers and listen to them carefully in order to understand their needs," said Nate. On the basis of that understanding and his knowledge of design trends, he then develops new designs that fulfil such customer needs.

    My passion for materials and process, combined with an understanding of customer needs and current design trends, results in thoughtful décors.

​"I have always been extremely interested in design," said Nate. And why at Interprint? He puts it in a nutshell: Despite many changes nowadays, Interprint manages to create a close, familiar working atmosphere. And that is very pleasant for both new colleagues and long-term employees."